About Us

Welcome to PHD Minerals
My name is Diego. Thanks for visiting my web shop where you can view and purchase unique minerals from all over the world.  My passion for minerals and geology developed at a young age. As the son of a geologist from Quebec, I travelled and lived all over the world, developing an interest in rocks and minerals and a passion for Nature's beauty and diversity. During my travels as a young boy, I visited and, on occasion, worked on geological dig sites. I have always been amazed by the different colors, geometry and brilliance of the world's minerals- many of which are millions of years old.
Along my travels and geological adventures, I have acquired quite an impressive collection of minerals. While I am committed to maintaining my personal collection, I have recently made the decision to start selling parts of my collection - to make space for new finds,  sell off duplicate species of minerals, as well as share my collection and love of minerals with the rest of the world.
As I embark on this online adventure, I look forward to sharing my collection and my passion with others and getting to know other mineral enthusiasts like myself looking to grow their collection - or start a collection for the first time.
You will find a wide range of minerals for sale on the website. However, if you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to contact me so I can investigate your request. In some cases, I may have just what you're looking for - or be able to locate the mineral through my extensive network of mineral experts.

You can contact me through the Contact Us link