Augelite is an aluminium phosphate mineral with formula: Al2(PO4)(OH)3. The shade varies from colorless to white, yellow or rose. Its crystal system is monoclinic.
Named in 1868 by Christian W. Bloomstrand from the Greek αυγή ("auge") for "shine" or "luster," in allusion to the appearance of its cleavage surfaces. 

It's hardness on the Mohs scale is 4.5-5. 

We have a beautiful Augelite specimen featuring greenish to yellow crystals of Augelite on matrix from Yukon territory.




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Augelite-01- Rapid Creek Yukon
Augelite is a rare phosphate mineral. It is coming from Rapid Creek, Yukon. The best locality in the..
$250.00 USD
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Augelite-02- Rapid Creek Yukon
This miniature specimen consists of a matrix coated on one side with translucent ligh..
$34.00 USD
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Augelite-03- Rapid Creek Yukon
Various lustrous, translucent light green Augelite crystals scattered on a matrix. A rare phosp..
$50.00 USD
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