Rum Jungle

In this section of our mineral web shop, you will find minerals from the region of Rum Jungle in the Northern Territory of Australia. This famous mineral locality has produced over the years beautiful specimens of Pyromorphite, " velvet " Malachite, Azurite, Cerussite and Wulfenite among others.

In 1871, a bullock wagon delivering barrels of rum to construction gangs became bogged in jungle terrain near the headwaters of the Finniss River, 65 km south of what is now Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory. The crew unhooked the bullocks from the wagon and after becoming thirsty in the Top End heat, proceeded to drink the wagon-load of rum in a week-long party until they were rescued. The area then became known as "Rum Jungle".¹



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Cerussite-07- Rum Jungle Australia
Cream colored Cerussite with Malachite on matrix from the famous Brown's Prospect, Rum Jungle, Batch..
$55.00 USD
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Malachite-08- Rum Jungle Australia
Malachite with Cerussite and Pyromorphite, from Rum Jungle, Batchelor, Coomalie Shire, Northern Terr..
$0.00 USD
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Malachite-10- Rum Jungle Australia
Multi-hued green botryoidal Malachite associated with Pyromorphite. Specimen from Rum..
$0.00 USD
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Malachite-11- Rum Jungle Australia
Various green, fibrous Malachite spheres coating parts of an elongated ..
$60.00 USD
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Pyromorphite-03- Rum Jungle Australia
Pyromorphite on Malachite from the famous Brown's Prospect, Rum Jungle, Batchelor, Coomalie Shire, N..
$0.00 USD
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Pyromorphite-07- Rum Jungle Australia
Pyromorphite pseudomorph after Cerussite on a contrasting green Malachite matrix. This specimen was ..
$0.00 USD
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Pyromorphite-08- Rum Jungle Australia
Typical combination of yellow Pyromorphite and beige Cerussite crystals sprinkled on a green botryoi..
$200.00 USD
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Pyromorphite-09- Rum Jungle Australia
Here is a unique little specimen combining yellow Pyromorphite and Cerussite crystals on a contrasti..
$0.00 USD
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Wulfenite-09- Rum Jungle Australia
Yellow Wulfenite crystals scaterred on a matrix covered with green Malachite pseudomorph after Azuri..
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