Barite, or Baryte, (BaSO4) is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate. The Barite group also includes Celestine, Anglesite and Anhydrite. Barite by itself is normally white or colorless, it is the main source of barium.

Barite is generally easy to identify. It is one of just a few nonmetallic minerals with a specific gravity of four or higher. Combine that with its low Mohs hardness (2.5 to 3.5) and its three directions of right angle cleavage, and the mineral can usually be reliably identified with just three observations. 

Our Barites are from Romania, England, USA, Germany, Spain, Peru, Canada, Poland, France, China, Russia, Namibia, Congo, Italy, Morocco, Slovaquia. We have over 100 specimens available for sale. You can see for yourself below. 



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Barite-01- Baia Sprie Romania
Beautiful transparent grey-blue Baryte on matrix. It is composed of multiple thin sharp blades...
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Barite-02- Frizington England
Plate of honey-color Barite from Frizington, West Cumberland Iron Field, Cumbria, England. ..
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Barite-03-  Denton Mine Illinois
Mass of tabular crystals of white to grayish Barite. Small metallic crystals of Galena pep..
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Barite-04- Dreislar Mine Germany
Mass platy crystals of pink Barite on matrix composed of silicified greywacke. The Ba..
$75.00 USD
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Barite-05- Villabona Spain
Specimen of cream-color Barite forming rosettes liked masses from the Villabona mining area, As..
$85.00 USD
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Barite-06- Huaron Mines Peru
Masses of transparent crystals of Barite sitting on large crystals of purple Fluorite..
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Barite-07- Cavnic Romania
Crystallized Barite on Quartz from Cavnic, Maramures Co., Romania. No damage. 7.5 ..
$60.00 USD
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Barite-08- Cerro Warihuyn Peru
Attractive specimen of glassy lustrous cream-color Barite in blades, sitting on brown matrix. N..
$135.00 USD
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Barite-09- Walton Canada
Transparent to translucent crystallized Barite on matrix from Walton, Hants Co., Nova Scotia, C..
$45.00 USD
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Barite-10- Lamb Mine USA
Transparent to translucent crystals of Barite on matrix from the Lamb mine, Morgan Co., Missour..
$55.00 USD
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Barite-11- Blanchard Mine USA
Platy crystallized white Barite (yellowish on one edge) from the Blanchard Mine, Bingham, Hanso..
$40.00 USD
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Barite-12- Meikle Mine USA
Tabular Honey color Barite from the famous Meikle Mine, Bootstrap District, Elko Co., Neva..
$110.00 USD
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Barite-13- Saint-Fabien Canada
Beautiful specimen of transparent crystallized Barite. From Saint-Fabien, Rimouski-Neigette RCM, ..
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Barite-14- Machow Mine Poland
Nice specimen of tan coloured lustrous tabular crystals of Barite dotted by bright yellow Sulfu..
$90.00 USD
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Barite-15- Four-la-Brouque France
Highly lustrous transparent amber colored and scepter-like crystal of Barite, no damage. Fro..
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