Cavansite, Ca(VO)Si4O10.4(H2O) is a deep blue hydrous calcium vanadium phyllosilicate mineral, occurring as a secondary mineral in basaltic and andesitic rocks along with a variety of zeolite minerals. Cavansite is a relatively rare mineral. It is polymorphic with the even rarer mineral, pentagonite. It is most frequently found in Poona, India and in the Deccan Traps, a large igneous province.

Cavansite is a distinctive mineral. It tends to form crystal aggregates, generally in the form of balls, up to a couple centimeters in size. Sometimes the balls are large enough to allow the individual crystals to be seen. Rarely, cavansite forms bowtie shaped aggregates. The color of cavansite is distinctive, almost always a rich, bright blue.​ Read More...


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Cavansite-01- Wagholi Quarries India
Lovely and bright clusters of medium steal-blue Cavansite with a very attractive bladed habit on Sti..
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Cavansite-02- Wagholi Quarries India
Cavansite from the Wagholi Quarries, Wagholi, Poonah District, Maharashtra, India.  2.0 x 1...
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Cavansite-03- Wagholi Quarries India
Deep blue Cavansite on Heulandite from the Wagholi Quarries, Wagholi, Poonah District..
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Cavansite-04- Wagholi Quarries India
Teal-blue Cavansite cluster and sprays resting on a sparkly Stilbite-covered basalt matrix, decorate..
$58.00 USD
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