Celestite or Celestine (SrSO4) is a strontium sulfate. It forms in well-shaped crystals with a distinctive soft blue color. Crystals may be a solid color, but may also have lighter and darker color zones of blue. While pure Celestite is colorless, various impurities give this mineral a wider range of colors, especially the unique blue color but also orange, orange-brown, light brown, yellow, greenish-blue, gray. Celestite geodes with large blue crystals, from Madagascar are very popular among mineral collectors…

Celestite is isomorphous with Barite, and may partially replace it. One specimen may even be part Barite and part Celestite within a single crystal. Celestite is named from the Latin term caelestis, alluding to it typical celestial sky-blue color. The streak is white, the hardness is 3 - 3.5 and the luster is vitreous.

Celestite is only rarely an accessory mineral of ore veins which were formed from warm solutions. It is usually found in sedimentary rocks. The best occurrences are in cavities in sandstone or in limestone. The crystals usually form in the cavities and as geodes. Read more...

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Celestite-01- Hammam-Zriba Mine Tunisia
Many crystals of pale blue Celestite (Celestine) protruding from white Aragonite of stalagtite origi..
$450.00 USD
Ex Tax: $450.00 USD
Celestite-02- Sakoany Madagascar
Celestite, (also known as Celestine) has been found since the '70 in the Sakoany deposit, Katsepy Co..
$120.00 USD
Ex Tax: $120.00 USD
Celestite-03- Norcross Quarry Madagascar
Pale sky-blue specimen of crystallized Celestite showing a glassy luster from the Norcross Quar..
$0.00 USD
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Celestite-04- Hammam-Zriba Mine Tunisia
Colorless spray of Celestite crystals with brownish tips from Hammam-Zriba Mine, Zriba-Village, Zagh..
$0.00 USD
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Celestite-05- Hammam-Zriba Mine Tunisia
Very aesthetic specimen of pale blue Celestite (Celestine) protruding from white Aragonite of s..
$480.00 USD
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Celestite-06- Sakoany Madagascar
Celestite from Sakoany deposit, Katsepy Commune, Mitsinjo District, Boeny Region, Mahajanga Province..
$0.00 USD
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Celestite-07- Machow Mine Poland
Beautiful specimen of lustrous Celestite crystals on a yellow Sulfur matrix. From Machów mine, Tarno..
$0.00 USD
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Celestite-08- Sakoany Madagascar
Here is a large specimen of prismatic, semi-transparent, lustrous, sky blue Celestite crystals, with..
$0.00 USD
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Celestite-09- Sakoany Madagascar
Here is a cabinet-sized specimen of prismatic, semi-transparent, lustrous, sky blue Celestite c..
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