Epidote is a calcium aluminium iron sorosilicate mineralThe name is derived from the Greek word "epidosis" (επίδοσις) which means "addition" in allusion to one side of the ideal prism being longer than the other. Well-developed crystals of Epidote, Ca2Al2(Fe3+;Al)(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH), crystallizing in the monoclinic system, are of frequent occurrence: they are usually prismatic in habit, the direction of elongation being perpendicular to the single plane of symmetry. The faces are often deeply striated and crystals are often twinned. Many of the characters of the mineral vary with the amount of iron present, for instance the color, the optical constants, and the specific gravity. The color is green, grey, brown or nearly black, but usually a characteristic shade of yellowish-green or pistachio-green. It displays strong pleochroism, the pleochroic colors being usually green, yellow and brown. Epidote is also almost identical in composition to Clinozoisite but lacks significant iron in its structure.​ 

Some of the most outstanding Epidote crystals come from Pakistan, in the Tormiq valley, Skardu District, and in Alchuria and Hachupa in the Shigar Valley. Noteworthy localities also include the Dark, chisel-shaped crystals associated with Prehnite from the Kayes Region in Mali, or the famous specimens from Green Monster Mountain, on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska.

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Epidote-01- Bendougou Mali
This spectacular and large specimen of Epidote comes from Bendougou, Kayes Region, Mali. The crystal..
$140.00 USD
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Epidote-02- Bendougou Mali
Clusters of jet black shiny Epidote crystals on matrix, no damage. From Bendo..
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Epidote-03- Bendougou Mali
Clusters of jet black shiny Epidote crystals on matrix with ball of apple-green Prehnite a..
$85.00 USD
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Epidote-04- Bendougou Mali
Large hand specimen made out of pistachio-green Epidote crystals with little matrix materi..
$90.00 USD
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Epidote-05- Pampa Blanca Peru
Fan looking Epidote from Pampa Blanca, Ica Department, Peru. 8.5 x 6.4 x 2.5 cm (Cabinet) ..
$60.00 USD
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Epidote-06- Green Monster Mountain Alaska
Dark pistachio (nearly opaque) crystal grouping of Epidote, found in the '60 at Green Monster Mounta..
$160.00 USD
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Epidote-07- Tormiq Pakistan
Highly lustrous black Epidote from Tormiq valley, Skardu District, Baltistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Paki..
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Epidote-08- Kimmeria Greece
Epidote with Quartz from Kimmeria, Xánthi Prefecture, Thraki Department, Greece. 3..
$60.00 USD
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Epidote-09- Bendougou Mali
Beautiful terminated Epidote crystals from Bendougou, Kayes Region, Mali. 7.3 x 5...
$100.00 USD
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Epidote-10- Bendougou Mali
Beautiful terminated Epidote crystals on matrix from Bendougou, Kayes Region, Mali. ..
$60.00 USD
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Thick deep green semi-lustrous terminated Epidote crystal with a smaller cluster of crystals attache..
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Epidote-12- Bendougou Mali
Here is a large, semi-lustrous, dark olive-green Epidote cluster featuring one main terminated ..
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Epidote-13- Balochistan Pakistan
Deep olive-green crystals of lustrous Epidote on matrix from Balochistan, Pakistan. ..
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