Closely related to the very similar mineral Chabazite, Gmelinite is one of the rarer zeolites. It was named as a single species in 1825 after Christian Gottlob Gmelin (1792–1860) professor of chemistry and mineralogist from Tübingen, Germany. Gmelinite crystals are hexagonal​ and striated, colorless, white, yellow, orange, pale green, pink, red, brown or grey. 

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Gmelinite-01 - Pinnacle Rock Canada
Gmelinite pseudomorph after Chabazite from Pinnacle Rock, Five Islands, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia,..
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Gmelinite-02 - Pinnacle Rock Canada
Here is a rare specimen of glassy, orange Gmelinite rhombs (pseudomorph after Chabazite) showin..
$25.00 USD
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