Wednesday May 24th 2017

  • Amethyst from Mexico
  • Fluorite from China
  • Kunzite from Afghanistan
  • Vanadinite from Morocco
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Amethyst-56- Veracruz Mexico
Two transparent, lustrous, purple Amethyst crystals perched on a matrix. Specimen from Mun. Las..
$18.00 USD
Ex Tax: $18.00 USD
Fluorite-90- Huanggang Mine China
An unusual formation of deep blue rounded Fluorite crystals on milky-white Quart..
$36.00 USD
Ex Tax: $36.00 USD
Kunzite-02- Konar Afghanistan
Thick, light pink, partly gemmy and clear Kunzite crystal (variety of Spodumene). The..
$275.00 USD
Ex Tax: $275.00 USD
Vanadinite-16- Mibladen Morocco
Here is a well-defined cluster of lustrous, wine-colored Vanadinite crystals. From the Mibladen..
$20.00 USD
Ex Tax: $20.00 USD