Wednesday October 18th 2017

  • Amethyst from Canada
  • Fluorite from China
  • Fluorite from Spain
  • Kulanite from Canada
  • Limonite from Egypt
  • Sturmanite from South Africa
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Amethyst-73- Blue Point Mine Canada
A beautiful cluster of purple and red Amethyst crystals. The red colour is due to Hematite..
$40.00 USD
Ex Tax: $40.00 USD
Fluorite-A09- Fujian Province China
Here is a specimen of transparent purple Fluorite showing dodecahedral crystals, an u..
$60.00 USD
Ex Tax: $60.00 USD
Fluorite-A10- Moscona Mine Spain
Group of cubic, honey-colored Fluorite with good brilliance and transparency, associated with white ..
$40.00 USD
Ex Tax: $40.00 USD
Kulanite-01- Rapid Creek Yukon
Fine aggregates of lustrous, deep blue Kulanite crystals, associated with dark metallic to brown Sid..
$34.00 USD
Ex Tax: $34.00 USD
Limonite-01- White Desert Egypt
Black Limonite pseudomorphs after a stellate formation of parallel Marcasite crystals that originall..
$35.00 USD
Ex Tax: $35.00 USD
Sturmanite-01- N'Chwaning Mines South Africa
A rare specimen of prismatic white Sturmanite crystals (brown-yellow inside) standing out ..
$22.00 USD
Ex Tax: $22.00 USD