Wednesday April 18th 2018  

  • Amethyst from South Africa
  • Chabazite from Canada
  • Duftite from Namibia
  • Fluorite from China
  • Garnet from Canada
  • Larimar from Dominican Republic
  • Wulfenite from Mexico
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Amethyst-A03- Boekenhoutshoek South Africa
An aesthetic specimen of purple Amethyst (var. "Cactus Quartz") showing some nice zoning. From ..
$40.00 USD
Ex Tax: $40.00 USD
Chabazite-05- Wasson Bluff Canada
Brick red Chabazite crystals associated with white, pearly Heulandite. From Wasson Bluff, Parrs..
$20.00 USD
Ex Tax: $20.00 USD
Duftite-01- Tsumeb Namibia
A nice example of green Duftite spherules coating a matrix of sharp, lustrous crystals of white..
$45.00 USD
Ex Tax: $45.00 USD
Fluorite-A50- Xianghualing Mine China
An aesthetic cluster of intergrown, translucent green Fluorite cubes from the Xianghualing Mine, Xia..
$30.00 USD
Ex Tax: $30.00 USD
Garnet-93- Chelsea Canada
A nice large, lustrous, brown Garnet (var. Grossular) on matrix. From an uncommon loc..
$30.00 USD
Ex Tax: $30.00 USD
Larimar-02- Filipinas Larimar Mine Dominican Republic
A colorful slice of polished Larimar (var. of Pectolite) from Filipinas Larimar Mine, Los ..
$28.00 USD
Ex Tax: $28.00 USD
Wulfenite-19- Ojuela Mine Mexico
This is a very interesting cluster of tabular, zoned, "sandwich"  Wulfenite crystals associated..
$70.00 USD
Ex Tax: $70.00 USD