Wednesday May 31st 2017

  • Pyromorphite from China
  • Sphalerite from Bulgaria
  • Stibnite from Romania
  • Vanadinite from Morocco
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Pyromorphite-11- Yangshuo Mine China
Here is a sculptural thumbnail of rich grass-green Pyromorphite crystals from the Yangshuo..
$0.00 USD
Ex Tax: $0.00 USD
Sphalerite-18- Borieva Mine Bulgaria
This specimen features sharp, black Sphalerite tetrahedrons on a lustrous melted Galena base. S..
$65.00 USD
Ex Tax: $65.00 USD
Stibnite-07- Herja Mine Romania
A superb cluster of lustrous well terminated metallic prismatic Stibnite crystal sprays. S..
$220.00 USD
Ex Tax: $220.00 USD
Vanadinite-17- Mibladen Morocco
Here is a well-defined cluster of lustrous, wine-colored Vanadinite crystals. From the Mibladen..
$25.00 USD
Ex Tax: $25.00 USD