Wednesday August 15th 2018  

  • Amethyst from Canada
  • Azurite from Laos
  • Fluorite from Mexico
  • Garnet from Canada
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Amethyst-A09- Blue Point Mine Canada
A mound of lustrous, deep purple Amethyst crystals with red Hematite inclusions...
$100.00 USD
Ex Tax: $100.00 USD
Azurite-24- Sepon Mine Laos
Many electric-blue Azurite crystals associated with velvety green Malachite. From Sepon Mine, Vilabo..
$110.00 USD
Ex Tax: $110.00 USD
Fluorite-A59- Naica Mexico
A classy combination of colorless, transparent modified Fluorite crystals on a contrasting dark..
$85.00 USD
Ex Tax: $85.00 USD
Garnet-99- KST Prospect Canada
A beautiful group of lustrous, red-brown Grossular Garnets from an unusual Canadian l..
$55.00 USD
Ex Tax: $55.00 USD