Wednesday June 13th 2018  

  • Fluorite from South Africa
  • Garnet from Canada
  • Gypsum from Canada
  • Gypsum from Canada
  • Pyrite from Canada
  • Siderite from France
  • Skutterudite from Canada
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Fluorite-A55- Riemvasmaak South Africa
Various transparent, gemmy, sea-green Fluorite octahedrons enclosed in a Quartz matrix. From Riemvas..
$75.00 USD
Ex Tax: $75.00 USD
Garnet-95- Jeffrey Mine Canada
A thumbnail cluster of green Garnet (var. Grossular) with Chrome. These sometimes called "..
$42.00 USD
Ex Tax: $42.00 USD
Gypsum-50- Red River Floodway Canada
A small floater cluster of intergrown, bladed, honey-coloured Gypsum (var. Selenite) ..
$20.00 USD
Ex Tax: $20.00 USD
Gypsum-51- Red River Floodway Canada
A single transparent, yellowish Gypsum (var. Selenite) twinned crystal rising from a float..
$50.00 USD
Ex Tax: $50.00 USD
Pyrite-33- Nanisivik Mine Canada
A large cluster of sharp, sparkly Pyrite crystals associated with some minor Sphalerite. S..
$70.00 USD
Ex Tax: $70.00 USD
Siderite-18- Saint-Pierre-de-Mésage France
A brilliant combination of khaki green, rhombic Siderite and water-clear Quartz needles. Specimen fr..
$95.00 USD
Ex Tax: $95.00 USD
Skutterudite-01- Bou Azzer Morocco
A nice crystal of highly lustrous, silvery Skutterudite. From Bou Azzer District, Tazenakht, Ouarzaz..
$32.00 USD
Ex Tax: $32.00 USD