Wednesday February 21st 2018  

  • Amethyst from Canada
  • Calcite from USA
  • Demantoid from Madagascar
  • Fluorite from Canada
  • Garnet from Greece
  • Garnet from Canada
  • Gypsum from Canada
  • Lazulite from Canada
  • Vesuvianite from Canada
  • Vesuvianite from Canada
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Amethyst-93- Blue Point Mine Canada
A group of undamaged, well crystallized, purple and red Amethyst crystals with lustrous fa..
$30.00 USD
Ex Tax: $30.00 USD
Calcite-32- Denton Mine Illinois
A great example of golden ''dog tooth'' Calcite with darker tips, on a large limestone mat..
$300.00 USD
Ex Tax: $300.00 USD
Demantoid-04- Antetezambato Madagascar
A group of green dodecahedral Demantoid crystals showing some very well defined faces and edges, a g..
$0.00 USD
Ex Tax: $0.00 USD
Fluorite-A38- Flamboro Quarry Canada
A classy specimen of phantom (colourless with a golden core) Fluorite cubes partially surrounded by ..
$55.00 USD
Ex Tax: $55.00 USD
Garnet-89- Serifos Island Greece
A sweet coffee-colored thumbnail of lustrous Garnets (var. Andradite) with darker edges. F..
$0.00 USD
Ex Tax: $0.00 USD
Garnet-90- Jeffrey Mine Canada
A well-defined thumbnail featuring a group of orange, gemmy Garnets (var. Hessonite) on ma..
$55.00 USD
Ex Tax: $55.00 USD
Gypsum-42- Red River Floodway Canada
A small floater cluster of intergrown, bladed, honey-coloured Gypsum (var. Selenite) ..
$18.00 USD
Ex Tax: $18.00 USD
Lazulite-71- Rapid Creek Yukon
A lovely specimen featuring various deep blue Lazulite crystals surrounded by translu..
$0.00 USD
Ex Tax: $0.00 USD
Vesuvianite-63- Jeffrey Mine Canada
A fine cluster of gemmy, sparkling green Vesuvianite with purple Manganese patches. S..
$44.00 USD
Ex Tax: $44.00 USD
Vesuvianite-64- Jeffrey Mine Canada
Here is a superb colorful cluster of green, lustrous Vesuvianite crystals decorated with p..
$0.00 USD
Ex Tax: $0.00 USD