Wednesday August 16th 2017

  • Amethyst from Canada
  • Amethyst from Canada
  • Amethyst from Canada
  • Calcite from Canada
  • Cuprite from Congo
  • Fluorite from China
  • ​Fluorite from England
  • ​Fluorite from Canada
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Amethyst-59- Thunder Bay Canada
An aesthetic and colorful lilac-purple Amethyst cluster showing some darker phantom points..
$40.00 USD
Ex Tax: $40.00 USD
Amethyst-60- Thunder Bay Canada
Now this is something you don't see everyday: a pair of doubly-terminated, lustrous, purple and..
$75.00 USD
Ex Tax: $75.00 USD
Amethyst-61- Thunder Bay Canada
A nice cluster of red and purple Amethyst featuring various large crystals. The red colour is due to..
$35.00 USD
Ex Tax: $35.00 USD
Calcite-26- Pine Point Canada
Here is an aesthetically set of sharp, semi-lustrous, translucent tan, Calcite rhombs perched on a w..
$28.00 USD
Ex Tax: $28.00 USD
Cuprite-03- Mashamba West Mine Congo
Various sharp, deep dark red octahedral Cuprite crystals associated with turquoise botryoidal aggreg..
$65.00 USD
Ex Tax: $65.00 USD
Fluorite-95- Xianghualing Mine China
A large specimen of water-clear, pastel-green, gemmy Fluorite cubes covering one side of a slic..
$50.00 USD
Ex Tax: $50.00 USD
Fluorite-96- Rogerley Mine England
A large sliced geode featuring many translucent, gemmy, pale green and well-defined Fluori..
$0.00 USD
Ex Tax: $0.00 USD
Fluorite-97- Highway 17 Roadcut Canada
Here is a pretty rare association of pale green Fluorite covering a purple Amethyst matrix.. Fr..
$32.00 USD
Ex Tax: $32.00 USD