Pyromorphite is a secondary lead mineral found in the oxidised zones of lead deposits. Typically found as green, yellowish, brownish, greyish or white barrel-shaped hexagonal prisms, in clusters or as druses on matrix. This mineral was named Pyromorphite by J. F. L. Hausmann in 1813. The name is derived from the Greek for pyr (fire) and morfe (form) due to its crystallization behavior after being melted. Notable localities include Bad Ems District in Germany, Les Farges Mine in France, Caldbeck Fells in England, Rum Jungle in Australia​, or the brilliant apple-green specimens from the Daoping and Yangshuo mines in China. 



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Pyromorphite-01- Daoping-Yangshuo China
This Pyromorphite has a bright grass-green color that is almost impossible to find in the ..
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Pyromorphite-02- Gute Hoffnung Mine Germany
Very nice Pyromorphite crystals on matrix from Gute Hoffnung mine, Bleibuir, Mechernich, Eifel,..
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Pyromorphite-03- Rum Jungle Australia
Pyromorphite on Malachite from the famous Brown's Prospect, Rum Jungle, Batchelor, Coomalie Shire, N..
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Pyromorphite-04- Brookdale Mine Pennsylvania
Rich green Pyromorphite group of crystals (largest reaching 7mm). From an old collection and an even..
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Pyromorphite-05- Daoping Mine China
Beautiful miniature Pyromorphite composed of terminated crystals. It's from the Daoping mine, Guangx..
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Pyromorphite-06- Les Farges Mine France
Numerous terminated Pyromorphite crystals surrounding matrix . This unique specimen is from the..
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Pyromorphite-07- Rum Jungle Australia
Pyromorphite pseudomorph after Cerussite on a contrasting green Malachite matrix. This specimen was ..
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Pyromorphite-08- Rum Jungle Australia
Typical combination of yellow Pyromorphite and beige Cerussite crystals sprinkled on a green botryoi..
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Pyromorphite-09- Rum Jungle Australia
Here is a unique little specimen combining yellow Pyromorphite and Cerussite crystals on a contrasti..
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Pyromorphite-10- Daoping Mine China
Dark green, radiating Pyromorphite crystals associated with Quartz on matrix. Specimen fro..
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Pyromorphite-Z1- Daoping Mine China
Beautiful thumbnail Pyromorphite specimen showing nice stepped shiny crystals. It's from the Daoping..
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