Weloganite is a rare carbonate mineral with formula Na2(Sr,Ca)3Zr(CO3)6•3H2O. Usually white, lemon yellow, or amber in color, this mineral crystallizes in the triclinic system and shows pseudo-hexagonal crystal forms due to twinning. Weloganite was discovered in 1966 by Ann P. Sabina of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and named after Canadian geologist Sir William Edmond Logan (1798-1875). It was first discovered in Francon Quarry, Montreal, Canada which is the type locality for this mineral.

Apparently, the story about this discovery is that Mrs Sabina on behalf of the GSC was monitoring Canada’s mines and quarries in order to publish documents about mineral occurrences of each sites. For security reasons related to insurances, women were not allowed in Canadian quarries. Therefore, Mrs Sabina asked a young fellow working in the quarry to bring her, for $5.00, various samples that he would collect in the bottom of the quarry. Later, in her laboratory in Ottawa, she noticed the unknown mineral in one of the sample …. Read More...



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Weloganite-01- Francon Quarry Canada
Weloganite with Dawsonite, Quartz and Calcite from the Francon Quarry, Montreal, Queb..
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Weloganite-02- Francon Quarry Canada
Weloganite (with Dawsonite?) on matrix. Specimen from the Francon Quarry, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ..
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