Fluorite from Ber...
«Hi Diego&PHDMiner als, thank you very much for the mineral that I got! A really good Job for t ...»

Lorenzo Trieste

«The Specimen is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! !!..It's identical to the pics that I saw on the Web!!!When I too ...»

pyromor... TRIESTE

«Diego and Phdminerals is a great place to buy stellar minerals at a great price!! Fast response ...»

Shaun America...

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Fluorite from Berbes,Asturias,Spain
Hi Diego&PHDMiner als, thank you very much for the mineral that I got! A really good Job for the package,absolu tely great Specimen,reall y really gorgeous in person. I'm very happy for the Purchase!! Be st Regards. Lore nzo from Trieste,Italy.
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Lorenzo Trieste 14:19:29 03-09-2018
The Specimen is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! !!..It's identical to the pics that I saw on the Web!!!When I took the Specimen out from the box,I was struck by the loveliness of this Specimen that I looked for a long time!!! I'm absolutely happy of this Purchase!!! T hank you very much,PHD!.. R egards. Loren zo Iurissevich
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pyromorphite TRIESTE 13:11:05 10-19-2016

Diego and Phdminerals is a great place to buy stellar minerals at a great price!! Fast response time!! Packaging done with care!! Please don't miss out on this!!!

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Shaun American Fork, Utah 08:33:49 01-30-2016
Crystal purchase
I received my beautiful fluorite crystal from Diego. It was even more beautiful in person. Great customer service. Thanks Marilyn
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Marilyn Fairview 20:36:51 01-27-2016
Ph minerals is a prominent business from their web and social media sites. Diego S. Is always client first, his collection is top notch and diverse. Transaction and deliveries are always without a hitch, he will assure to make contact to the client to their satisfaction and enjoyment to their purchase. I know my experience has always been a pleasure in getting to know my minerals. Thanks Deigo!
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Carol McL Woodbury 19:24:09 01-25-2016
Crocoite Thumbnail
I recently purchased a Crocoite thumbnail from Diego, via an auction. My order was shipped immediately and once I received it, I had to ooh and aww over the beautiful orange/red glittery beauty. I am very happy with my order and Diego made sure it was exactly what I wanted.
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Mary Battle Creek 01:30:47 01-21-2016
Excellent specimen!
I recently ordered a Spessartite specimen. It's an excellent specimen, love the crystals... It's even more beautiful than the picture. The entire transaction was seamless, and polite. Specimen was packaged well with lots of packing and arrived safely. Thank you kindly!
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Taran Ahuja Toronto, Canada 16:12:54 12-11-2015
A Pleasure
Really a nice experience since the beginning until the end. An excellent customer service with an expedited communication. You rock!
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Camilo A. Morales C. Santiago, Chile 23:25:02 06-18-2015
Illinois Fluorite
Great communication and service, swift shipping too. The specimen arrived in mint condition within 5 days from Canada to the Netherlands. Top
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E.I. Dozy Rotterdam 14:01:06 06-05-2015
Great purchase!

I was thrilled when Diego contacted me with a mineral type he had available when I had previously expressed interest in the locality. I had only commented on one of his facebook posts. He remembered and let me know when he had another one become available. I bought it immediately. He was so polite and the mineral specimen was fantastic. Exactly like the picture and description (that doesn't always happen when buying online!). He shipped immediately and the packaging was great. The specimen arrived safely. He also included a very nice little "thank you" gift with the purchase. A very nice little "extra" that was noted and appreciated by this customer! Great buying experience. I am watching closely for another one that peaks my interest and would definitely buy from Diego again!

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Nikki 23:31:12 05-06-2015
Analcime-02- Mont Saint Hilaire Canada

I placed an online order with PHD Minerals and received the Analcime within two days...from Canada to Texas. I'm very pleased with my purchase along with the great customer service. And, the small gift that was included was very thoughtful! A huge "thanks" to Diego. I look forward to my next purchase.

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Kathy Dallas 13:14:12 02-18-2015
PHD service

I bought a rhodochrosite from them, and the service and communication was fast and professional. I am very pleased with the transaction. The item was shipped quickly and well protected. I would highly recommend them for your mineral needs (OK...more accurately your mineral wants)

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Paul Greencastle, PA 18:49:30 02-15-2015
Superb mineral specimens
I've purchased quite a few mineral specimens from this store over the last year. All the specimens were as described, high quality, and delivered very quickly and well-packed. The communication with vendor was always a pleasure, and the vendor responded to every question I had. I would certainly recommend this store as a reliable source for mineral collectors.
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Andre Birmingham 12:35:43 12-10-2014
First class

Just received a parcel of four specimens all the way from Canada to Queensland Australia. Canadian postage isn't as cheap as I'd like, but am very impressed with the quality and price of the minerals. Excellent efficient friendly service to boot ... thanks guys, will definitely be coming back.

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Craig Mount Perry, QLD 17:21:37 11-15-2014
Great Aquamarine at a wonderful price. I'll be back for more!!
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20:29:40 10-14-2014
Lazulite specimen from Yukon
Such EXCELLENT customer service and friendliness from the owners of this website. The rock I received was exactly as shown, came VERY fast, was well packaged and protected. Plus I received a few very nice emails along the way, telling me the order was received, then sent and when it should arrive and another after I had indicated it had arrived. And, in my opinion, I believe their prices are very fair. I highly recommend this website and will definitely tell my friends and purchase from them again.
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Dorothy Whitehorse 12:03:02 09-29-2014
Order for minerals online
I ordered a couple mineral specimens online from PhD Minerals. I received my package within only two days!!! It was more than I ever expected and the little gift included was a very nice surprise! Very satisfied customer, THANK YOU PHD MINERALS!!!
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Dave Vacaville 11:27:14 08-18-2014
My first purchase from PHD Minerals

The specimens of garnet (Mali) and Barite (UK) have just arrived and I am very pleased with them. They were accurately described, the ordering system was easy and they were very well packed for shipping.

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John Littlehampton SA Australia 17:48:11 08-15-2014
Congratulation s for you`re site and you`re minerals. You have some very nice specimens ! All the best from Germany, Andrei
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Andrei Freiburg 06:13:21 05-23-2014
Minéraux de Qualité avec une vendeur bien attentionné. le tout bien emballé. Sati sfaction A+++
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Josianne mtl 22:22:44 05-22-2014
Hoy he recibido la Amatista. Es bonita.
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Paco Spain 13:59:04 05-21-2014
Minerals Lazulite

Hello, I received the specimen yesterday and im happy as i can be it is absolutly breathtaking thank you so much Bart

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Bart Netherlands 14:42:17 05-20-2014
Ma pierre
bonsoir je viens juste de recevoir ma pierre ! je suis ravie ! merci beaucoup
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Lillie Paris 14:36:50 05-20-2014